Top | Bralette | Jeans | Bag | Shoes (old, but similar)

White intimidates me. I can be somewhat of a clumsy person (true story: there was a small green streak on this shirt when we shot the photos – my morning smoothie missed my mouth), but I still love the crisp look of a white shirt. While lots of people may believe that white is strictly reserved for the summer (sure it looks better when you have a bronzed glow, but really, what doesn’t?), I love pairing the crisp colour to the season where white is most prevalent: winter.

I had been staring at this top online for quite some time, and finally bit the bullet and could not be happier. The weight and structure of the shirt is beautiful. I especially love the multi-wearing potential this blouse has. You can easily dress it up by layering it under a sleeveless dress with heels, tuck it into a lace-up mini skirt, but you can just as easily dress it down with jeans and loafers (a la the photos above), or even wear it under overalls for a feminine yet laid back vibe. Side note: I need some overalls this summer, anyone have a go-to store they purchase from? Anywho…back to winter whites. Below, I’ve also included some other stunning tops you could swap in for a similar vibe, because a girl’s gotta have options right!? In terms of what to wear underneath this style of top, you have a few options as well. I chose a simple nude bralette to really show off the details of the fabric, but paired it with high-waisted jeans so my belly button didn’t make an appearance (I’m weird and think it’s odd if you can see someone’s belly button through their shirt – call me T Swift). If you are looking for a little more coverage, you could easily layer a white or nude cami underneath, which would still keep the focus on the main piece. Be brave, wear white. And a happy weekend to everyone, make the most of it!

Until next time,