There are trends that look good no matter what, and then there are tricky mother f@*#ers that take a certain kind of person, style, or a don’t-care-attitude to pull off. Currently, I would loop the corset trend into the latter category. While it seems to be one of the must-have pieces for 2017, pulling off the corset trend isn’t necessarily a cinch (don’t you just love a good pun?), and at first I wasn’t sure how wearable or fashionable this trend would be. Then came Fashion Week – street style photos brought a ton of inspo with the fashion world rocking corsets over tops and dresses, choosing either standalone corset belts, bustier style tops, or built-in versions. It is pretty clear that this once-novel trend is taking shape (literally), and is a standout look of the season.


Wearing this trend can be quite tricky, the line between looking cheap and stylish is pretty thin my friends. But isn’t that what fashion is all about sometimes? You have to explore and experiment, have fun, and express yourself! If you’re thinking about trying this trend out, but have no clue where to begin, I have outlined some pieces of advice to help guide you in how to wear the corset trend, below.

  • opt for messy hair and un-done makeup, avoid a super dolled-up look
  • add a touch of casual by layering an oversized coat or jean jacket on top for a cool-girl vibe
  • go for a monochromatic look until you get the hang of things
  • pay attention to balance: go big up top by layering a corset over a sweater or blouse with statement sleeves, or go big on the bottom with boyfriend jeans or wide leg cropped trousers, DO NOT do both at the same time
  • when in doubt, go for a piece that has the corset style built-in, such as this or this or this
  • do NOT wear a corset in lieu of a top…this is not Moulin Rouge

I hope that helps! The question is, how do YOU feel about the corset trend? Do you think you are going to rock it this spring/summer?

Until next time,