I don’t know about you, but around this time of year I start to develop the cold weather blues, and find myself daydreaming of tropical destinations. With photos of coconuts, blue water, and tanned legs flooding my Instagram lately, I start picturing myself on a beach, and naturally, I start thinking about what I would wear on said beach. In June, I will be taking a warm getaway to Hawaii for my sister’s wedding, but that seems so far away! With all the resort collections coming out now, I feel like all I am doing is shopping online for pieces to wear in warmer temps. So in case anyone has an upcoming vacation, or you just need some material for your own warm weather daydreaming, I am sharing some of the favourites I have come across.

Sand isn’t really heel-friendly, but I always like to pack at least one pair of heels for a nice night out. Leave those stilletos at home and opt for something with a chunky heel to make walking easier – bonus, the ankle tie on this pair can double as a strap for carrying them if you go for a romantic walk on the beach post-dinner.

I can not seem to get enough of one-piece swimsuits – have fun with the details this season and play around with bold colours to stand out from the crowd.

Hair on vacation can sometimes have a mind of its own. A simple solution to keep things under control: throw on a hat, or throw things up into a top knot with a cute scrunchie. For products, a simple beach spray will give you some texture, a hair oil will keep things smooth, and Oribe’s anti-humidity spray is amazing at keeping hair from falling flat – fear not, you won’t look like Monica in Barbados.

While hair up is an easy way to manage your locks, it also creates the perfect canvas to go with statement earrings. Go bright and bold with your accessories – think hot pinks, colourful fringe, and tropical shapes. PS – aren’t these pins adorable!? Add them to a jacket for cool nights, or pin them on your tote bag for a fun accent.

These are just a few of the dresses and jumpsuits I have had my eye on lately. Off-the-shoulder pieces are a no brainer and show off those sun-kissed shoulders, while plunging necklines just scream warm weather, plus who wants to wear a bra. I always look for dresses with nice movement – not only are loose silhouettes comfortable (have as much tuna poke and margaritas as you want girl!), but they also pick up that ocean air perfectly, so you can document your travels with a perfect twirling-in-the-sand-watching-the-sunset photo.

That’s it! I hope this transported you to a tropical place, or gave you some ideas if you have an upcoming vacation planned.

Until next time,