That chocolate love-filled day is just over a week away, can you believe it’s February already!? While it is nice to get dressed up and go out for a fancy dinner, sometimes staying in is just as, or even more romantic – light some candles, open some wine, and spend the night with your Valentine. You could go crazy and create an elaborate 5 course menu for the evening, but I like to keep it simple – the less time you spend cleaning up afterwards, the more time you will have for other important things…such as eating cupcakes and red velvet everything! So today I am sharing a recipe for a delicious, but super easy Valentine’s Day dinner for 2.

This year I decided to take a cue from the passionate people of Spain and make paella, which is a classic Spanish rice dish loaded with flavour, and is sure to impress your significant other, or guests. I do want to mention that this recipe is by no means authentic, it is just my version. One of the reasons why I love paella is because it is such a versatile dish – you can make it with different proteins or slightly different vegetables, depending on what you have on hand (or what ingredients you forgot to grab at the grocery store). I do suggest using a paella pan since it has a wider surface (this one is a great option, and I’ve seen them in Winners or HomeSense before, so check there too), and the trick is to cook everything evenly in a single layer so the rice gets toasty and crispy on the bottom – you want that, trust me.

In terms of a wine pairing for the night, it really comes down to preference, so drink what you like! But a good place to start, for any wine pairing with food, is to match the region of the wine to the nationality of the dish you will be eating. I prefer red wine, so I went with a bottle of Spanish garnacha. You could also do a dry rose, or an albarino if you prefer a bottle of white. As long as the wine is not too fruity, or too tannic, it will pair beautifully with the paella. Check out the recipe below, and let me know what paella combinations you love if you have made it before!

Until next time,