If you’re not already familiar with the sheet mask phenomenon that has finally come to North America in the past few years (adopted from the meticulous Korean skin maintenance routine – they know a thing or two about flawless skin), allow me to fill you in. Sheet masks are paper, fabric, or gel face masks that have been saturated in good-for-you ingredients that pamper your skin. You simply place the mask over your face, let it sit for as long as directed, and voila: you basically just received an at home facial without even having to put on pants – living the dream I’d say! The benefit of using a sheet mask compared to a regular from-the-tube mask is that the sheet acts as a physical barrier that prevents the concentrated ingredients from evaporating – it effectively pushes skincare ingredients into your skin, aiding in rapid and complete absorption of the skin care components.

Some say they will hydrate, or tighten, or lift, while others boast about deep cleaning your pores. But which sheet masks are really worth it, and what ones actually hold up to their claims? I have, embarrassingly, tried about 80% of the sheet masks you can find at Sephora, so I’ve decided to do a sheet mask review on some of my favourites. Here we go!

Sephora Collection Face Mask Pearl

This was one of the first face masks I ever tried and I still love using it for it’s brightening properties. I definitely notice a difference in the radiance of my skin after removing the mask. I find the consistency of this one is slightly more gooey than others, so I enjoy using this as a final step in my PM skincare routine, which allows the product to really soak into my skin overnight.

Too Cool for School Egg Cream Mask Hydration

This is by far the most straight-up hydrating mask that I have tried. The sheet mask was positively drenched, which was fantastic because I used the extra serum to moisturize my neck, chest, and even the backs of my hands (I generally like to do this with any excess product, because hey, let’s not waste good-for-you skincare ingredients!). This is also the best fitting microfibre sheet I have tried. Generally I have to fold the sheet by my temples because the shape is slightly wider than my face, but this one comfortably fit all my facial contours. And don’t worry, this mask doesn’t smell like eggs – the egg white and yolk extracts work to diminish shine, and nourish and hydrate the skin, and they do just that. This one is a big winner for me.

Boscia Charcoal Pore-Minimizing Hydrogel Mask

This mask comes in two parts: one piece for the top of your face, and one piece for the bottom half of your face. I find that the two pieces make application easier, and it allows you to really form it to your face shape. The gel mask is quite slippery compared to microfibre sheets, but don’t let the slimy texture scare you away. I love the cooling feeling you experience with this mask, and my face really did appear softer and more refined.

Dr. Jart+ All That Contours Hydrogel Mask

This is another two piece mask, but the difference here is the bottom half has loops you stretch around your ears, which is really fun, trust me. Each half is super stretchy so it will expand to fit onto your face, just slowly stretch it until it’s the right size for you. A major difference with this mask is it’s not as goopy as others. The almost plaster-like material adheres to skin really well and makes your face feel taught the entire time. Upon removing the mask, I noticed a small reduction in my fine lines and I like that the product is less likely to evaporate through the gel-like mask structure.

Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle 24K Gold Intense Wrinkle Sheet Mask

This one is another standout for me. While it is the most expensive of the bunch, I do feel it is worth it. This sheet mask is 100% cotton which makes it slightly stiffer and thicker than others – it doesn’t mold as easily to the skin, but just lay down and let it do its work. From the moment you put this mask on, you can feel it working. There are 18 different peptides that give an anti-aging boost to your skin, but not only that, there is also hyaluronic acid (this molecule has the greatest ability to retain moisture out of just about anything) so your skin feels like it is drinking little purified waterfalls. There’s also particles of 24-karat gold in here. GOLD! When you take off the mask, you’ll notice them subtly coating your skin (in a youthful glow sort of way, not a disco ball way). If you have an event or party to go to, include this in your pre-party skin prep.

While the whole process is a little drippy and messy, not to mention sometimes freaky (you do kinda look like Hannibal Lecter, or a lucha libre), don’t let that deter you, because the results are well worth it. So go ahead, slap one on and relax for 20 minutes, your skin will thank you.

Until next time,