If there’s one trend everyone can agree has been ruling the runway for the past few seasons, it’s athleisure. Over the last few years, athletic-inspired clothing has become a dominant force in fashion with track pants, hoodies, and fresh sneakers becoming the go-to uniform of the most stylish. While I love all aspects of the athleisure trend, today I am talking about one item in particular: the sporty staple that is the track pant.

Hip hop made it cool to wear track pants in the ‘80s and ‘90s, and like everything else from that era, it’s made it’s way into our wardrobes once again. But don’t be fooled. Just because you’ve traded in your tailored clothing for track pants and sneakers, don’t assume you also have to sacrifice sophistication – we’re going for comfortable and stylish, and yes, you can have both. The trick for making them work for a variety of occasions, like most fashion-related things, takes some skillful styling. Below, I’ve put together some looks to show you how to style track pants and work them into your wardrobe with ease. Get ready to channel your inner Royal Tenenbaum.


Not all track pants are created equal – while some are more fitted, and some are colourful, I chose a pair with a wide leg (a silhouette I’ve been loving lately) and the classic side snaps. Much to my disappointment, the snaps don’t actually unbutton all the way to the top, so sad.


If you’re going for comfy, but elevated, keep things simple. Grab your favourite soft white tee-shirt, fresh sneakers, and a silk neck scarf in an eye-catching colour to pull the look together.


Don’t think too hard on this one, treat the pants just like a structured trouser. Black pumps, a crisp solid collared button-down, and some statement earrings are all you need.


Don’t think that these cozy bottoms can’t also be sexy. You just need the right top – show a little skin with an off the shoulder, midriff-baring bardot top. Stick with a structured bag and undo a couple snaps to show off a strappy pair of sandals.


That’s it! I hope this gives you some inspiration, and shows you just how versatile track pants can be. Do you already own a pair? How do you like to style them? Let me know!

Until next time,