Hello again, legs, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen you. While my wardrobe these last few months has consisted primarily of jeans and the occasional skirt (that I quickly regret wearing once the sun goes down), spring and summer are finally on the horizon, and I could not be more excited – brighter colours, bare shoulders, and shorter hemlines commence! One of my favourite pieces to wear for spring and summer is a skirt – I just find them so effortless and wearable for the warmer temps. While maxi and midi skirts aren’t exactly going anywhere, the mini skirt is the “it” skirt this season. So grab a good coffee scrub, your favourite self-tanner (I’ve currently been loving this one & this one is great for instant, not extended colour), and get ready to show those gams!

In terms of styling, I may come from the conservative school of thought and still think that stilettos and a mini skirt look cheap (hey, we’re not all flawless like Hailey Baldwin and can pull it off with ease). For footwear, I tend to stick to something low and not as sexy, such as a fresh white sneaker, or a block heel if I want a little bit of height. Now don’t forget, what you wear on top is equally as important as what you wear on the bottom. In order to balance out the shorter hemline, it’s my personal opinion to wear something a little more conservative on top – you have to leave a little to the imagination. A graphic tee and a bomber works great, or opt for a short-sleeve oxford for a more polished look, and when in doubt, a simple neutral tee or lightweight sweater will do you no wrong.

To give you a little inspiration, I’ve rounded up some of my favourite mini skirts currently in stores, check them out below (side note: Topshop is killing it lately in this department, so they kinda dominated my picks!). And if you are curious, you can find the one I’m wearing in the photos HERE along with my purse HERE and necklace HERE.

How do you feel about the mini skirt? Are you planning on rocking it this summer?

Until next time,