Let me start by mentioning that this post is not sponsored in any way – I just have my own profound obsession with Moroccanoil. It all started several years ago when I snagged a bottle of the oh-so-coveted Moroccanoil Treatment Original. Since then, I’ve never looked back, and have been hooked on the stuff. The smell alone is enough to make me a lifelong customer, but aside from that, the truth is I enjoy the products, and have noticed a difference in my hair. I now use the Moroccanoil Treatment Light, which is specifically formulated for light-coloured and/or fine hair. The company claims that the oil gives you healthy, shiny, silky hair, as if anyone doesn’t want that, come on! The antioxidant-rich argan oil also contains shine-boosting vitamins that help nourish hair. Again, who doesn’t want to be one step closer to Victoria Secret model hair – sign me up!

So claims are great, but does this stuff really stand up to the hype? I think so. I’ve used the oil multiple ways – on wet hair as a conditioning treatment, and on dry strands as a frizz tamer that doubles as a softening finishing oil. Both ways I’ve found that the treatment hydrates, but doesn’t make my hair look or feel greasy. The price isn’t ridiculous, but I understand it isn’t cheap either. For me I use this stuff everyday (minus those weekend days where hair on my neck is just a no go), so cost per use for me is about 10 cents, which I’m totally cool with. A little definitely goes a long way, so you can stretch the product life quite far.

I’ve also recently started using the Extra Volume Shampoo and Conditioner. Both are colour-safe, sulfate-free, phosphate-free, and paraben-free. The shampoo consistency seems a bit thicker, which actually feels moisturizing when I use it. I always double shampoo my hair, since I have so much of it, so it lathers up nicely. I love the conditioner as well. My hair feels so silky and smooth when I rinse it out, it’s wonderful, plus my shower smells like a tropical oasis which is an added bonus.

The Hydrating Styling Cream is a leave-in styling cream that boasts similar benefits as the treatment oil (conditions, hydrates, and fights frizz). While I have enjoyed using this, I must admit that the scent is little bit different, and I prefer how the Moroccanoil Treatment smells much more. Side note, slash secret, I may or may not rub the oil on my skin – honestly, if there was a human size bottle that I could dunk my whole body in I would. Anybody else as crazy about this stuff as I am? Shout it out below!

Until next time,