Balance is a tricky thing…and I’m not talking about the kind you rely on when attempting a half moon pose. Life is busy. And I’ve discovered I tend to try and take on more things in a day then I generally have time for, you feel me? By the time I wake up, have a quick breakfast, go to pilates, shower, get ready, work on the blog, tidy up or put away laundry (if I’m really productive), and grab a capuccino, the day is gone before I know it, and I have to head to my other job! Oh shoot…I forgot about lunch. Well, looks like I’ll just grab something on the way and let those fresh groceries I was supposed to cook yesterday continue to sit in my fridge. Any of this sound familiar? It’s so easy to get caught up in our day, and the increasingly busy lifestyles we choose to live, that we don’t make time for the stuff that actually nourishes our bodies and gives us energy to tackle everything. While it would be ah-mazing to have a personal Gwyneth Paltrow cook you healthy and delicious meals on the daily, that’s just not realistic. But, The Meal Tree is.

In the past, I have looked into ready-to-eat meals in Calgary that can be delivered right to me, but sadly my efforts didn’t yield any results. Fast forward to the present day, and our lovely city has definitely seen a few companies enter this market. Some focus on family-style meals where ingredients are prepped, but you do the cooking, others are aimed towards helping you with weight loss goals, but what I like about The Meal Tree is that they keep things simple and focus on the food and flavour.

In my experience, trying to eat healthy at some of those grab-and-go places often leaves me wanting more – the price point for the somewhat bland food just doesn’t seem justified, yet I keep doing it because of convenience. Well no more! I can honestly say that every dish I tried from The Meal Tree had incredible flavour. Their menu rotates seasonally and you can select which dishes you want to try. Everything is delivered right to your doorstep, and based off of how many days you choose to order for, they deliver twice a week to ensure everything is as fresh as possible. The containers themselves are microwave safe, and come with cooking instructions to take the guesswork out of things. Overall, I was really impressed with the quality of meals, and the people behind the company were so friendly and eager to answer all my questions – I think they’ve got a good thing going on.

If you’re curious about specific dishes, keep reading to see some photos of the tasty food, and find out what I thought of the 4 meals I tried out last week.

California Bento Bowl

This was probably my favourite dish – I love asian inspired flavours, so the sushi vegetables, ginger, and mango sauce was right up my alley. The sesame chicken was delicious (and trust me, I am picky with chicken I don’t cook myself) and it didn’t dry out when I reheated it. This bowl is definitely a fresh and healthy meal that you could also easily take to-go.

Salmon Dijon

Besides sushi, I have a hard time incorporating fish into my diet, so this was a treat. I was really impressed with the size of this dish, it was such a generous portion. Fair warning though, there are full chunks of garlic in the cranberry almond quinoa, which I didn’t eat (just not my jam), but it did give the broccoli and the entire dish amazing flavour without being overbearing. Just be kind to those around you, and don’t be that person that heats up fish in the microwave. Not. Cool.

Sundried Tomato Soup

I love me a good soup. My favourite part of this dish was the basil yoghurt they garnished it with – it’s all about the details. For me, the texture was quite thick. I generally like a broth based soup or something a little thinner (just preference), so I split it up over a couple servings. Again, the flavour was incredible – the basil, pepper, and tomato compliment each other perfectly.

Coconut Butter Chicken

This dish did not disappoint either. I have a pretty low tolerance with heat, so I found this had a bit of a kick to it, but not to the point where I I couldn’t handle it. The peas added a touch of sweetness, and the size was super hearty.

So that’s everything I tried! Overall, each meal was simple, wholesome, and so flavourful, and honestly, it was super convenient to have a few meals in the fridge ready to go. While I genuinely like cooking, and love grocery shopping, it does take time deciding on a recipe, grabbing ingredients, and then finally cooking the meal. Even having a couple dishes for the week in the fridge is a big help – it gives you more time in the day to accomplish other things, or just relax a little. If you’ve been thinking about trying a ready-to-eat meal service, check out The Meal Tree. You will have quality feel-good food at your doorstep in no time! If you do try them out, make sure you use the code REALFOOD2017 for 10% off your first order!

Have you tried any ready-to-eat services in the city? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,