It is the one item that pulls together your entire look in just a few strokes, but when it comes to mascara, it is no easy task to find your perfect tube. Do you look for lift, length, volume, curl, a combination of some, or all? With so many different options on the market, and each one claiming to be the new holy grail, it can be overwhelming. My personal journey to finding my favourite mascara has been ongoing for years, and trust me, I have tried many a tube. While some swear by the drugstore variety, in the recent years, I have found myself back in love with designer/department store mascaras – and I think I have found my staples. Keep scrolling to read my honest mascara review, and find out which tubes I stockpile in my vanity.

Benefit Cosmetics – They’re Real! Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara

This all-in-one mascara is award winning for good reason. It curls, separates, lifts, lengthens, and adds exceptional volume (especially after that second coat), plus it is long wearing! The brush is unique with a spikey ball design on the end of the wand that makes sure no lash goes unnoticed. If drama is your thing, then this is your stuff. This is one of my current favourite mascaras that I cannot get enough of. I love the length it adds to my lashes and I opt for this over the Diorshow if I am looking for a more separated and dramatic look.

Charlotte Tilbury – Full Fat Lashes Mascara

I love the soft feathery look this mascara adds to my lashes. It doesn’t make them clumpy and elongates them for a more natural finish than others I’ve tried. The only problem is, a few hours after application, it starts to migrate under my eyes, and nobody likes that. This seems to be an ongoing problem for me, so personally I have discovered that I need a formula that seriously stays put. And for me, unfortunately this mascara doesn’t fit the bill.

Dior – Diorshow Mascara

This was actually the first designer mascara I ever tried, several years ago. Back then I remember I wasn’t a huge fan of the big bristled brush because it made for a bit of a messy application. That was then, and this is now. I recently decided to give this mascara another try and I am so so happy I did. Diorshow is a classic for creating dramatic lashes, and the large brush builds volume and length, giving your lashes a bold look (my younger self obviously didn’t know how to properly handle this). Fun fact, Dior also has a patented air-lock technology to lengthen the life of your tube! This stuff is my new #1. The rich black formula glides on easily and gives me a full, plush lash, while staying right where it is supposed to.

Tarte – Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara

After hearing rave reviews and watching many a you-tuber paint this on for that perfect doe-eyed look, I finally caved and decided to try this mascara. It claims to be a jet-black lengthening mascara for 2700% more lash volume. Umm, I’m curious how exactly one measures that statistic, but okay Tarte. The verdict? The packaging is stunning, but the product…I have my let downs. The hard-bristled wand grabs lashes with ease and coats them evenly in a beautiful glossy black, definitely adding length and lift. The only problem for me is that unfortunately it gives me panda eyes. I really love the look of this mascara initially, but after several hours its starts to do that dreaded creep. If that is generally not an issue for you, then try this stuff out, you won’t be disappointed.

So that’s it! As the saying goes, make new friends, but keep the old – I am sure I will continue to try new mascaras as they hit the market, but for now, Benefit and Dior are my top two. What is your favourite mascara of the moment? Or is there any other hyped up beauty product you would like to see me review? Let me know! Happy weekend everyone!

Until next time,