Today is the day – that one day a year when you show that special someone how much you care (at least, that’s what greeting card companies would have us believe). While I have put up a couple Valentine’s Day related posts (you can read them here & here if you like), I have honestly debated how much content I wanted to post specific to the big day that is February 14th. I don’t think we need an excuse to celebrate love, nor should we feel obligated to on one specific day – there are really terrible rough times happening throughout our world, and we really should try to show each other love as much as possible. All of the time. So today I want to do just that. I am not posting about date night outfits, or last-minute gift ideas every girl would love. Instead, I am taking it back to the days before people needed a Hallmark card to express their feelings – here is my love letter to you.


Dear Readers,

I started this blog as an ongoing love letter where I would share the moments that spark joy in my life, and so today I thought, what better a time than to write a love letter to those who have made it all possible – you!! It is because of all your beautiful faces, and curious minds on the other side of this screen, that I was able to take a fleeting idea that would drift in and out of my mind, and turn it into a reality. And it is also your kind words and messages that make my heart skip a beat thinking someone out there cares about what I have to say, which drives me to keep going. For that, I cannot express the amount of love and gratitude I have for each and every one of you. Hell, for all I know, there is only one person reading this, and even if that is the case, from the bottom of my heart I thank you, you kind soul.

We have a tendency as humans to try so hard to manipulate and control our lives, and we openly share our (let’s not forget, often thoughtfully curated) projections of who we are on social media. One thing I am striving to continually remind myself of, is that in life, our experiences cannot always be manipulated. The reasons as to why we start some journeys can often be forgotten in the race to get followers, likes and status, but that is not what truly matters, and we need to remind ourselves why we began something in the first place. For me, again I extend my gratitude to you, because you guys keep me in check, and I continuously reflect on what I am doing and make sure my actions are aligned with my intentions. I started this journey hoping to inspire others, build relationships and support creatives in our community, and connect with strangers simply by being relatable, not fake, because after all, we are in this journey called life together. And it can be a beautiful adventure if we open our hearts, and show each other compassion.

So let’s not forget the basic principle of what today is all about – simple, basic, pure, old-fashioned love. Love is capable of filling your life with such colours that you thought to be unimaginable before. And while I cannot say this in person (although I wish I could meet every single one of you on the other side of this screen!), I want to say thank you for being the cast of characters that colour DearEverything. I cannot thank you enough for caring.

Love Always,


PS – why not spark joy in someone else’s day and spread the love by writing a hand-written love letter? Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, let’s not forget that the world needs love, now, more than ever.