Whether flared, leather, or just classic distressed, overalls are back, and actually have been for awhile now. The revamped childhood staple is much more than just playground attire, with more sophisticated, work appropriate fabrics being used, and even the silhouette has changed, taking on a more slimmed out shape. While I own plenty of overalls’ chicer cousin, the jumpsuit, I had yet to purchase anything with the classic over the shoulder lock-it-in-and-be-ready-to-take-on-the-world feature, until now! I opted for a style that brought me back to my elementary days, and got an overall dress! I remember rocking this style with a crushed velvet mock neck and Esmerelda printed velcro sneakers. Fashion really is cyclical (anyone else loving velvet lately and want the Stan Smith velcro sneakers?).

Keeping with the 90’s fashion trend and kickin it old school, I thought what better shoe to pair with this outfit than another classic. The Adidas Gazelle is over forty years old and has evolved from a training shoe to a streetwear staple. They’ve released multiple colourways over the years, but the most recent vintage suede pack for summer had me in love. I had been hunting for the blush pink colour, but couldn’t find them anywhere. I thought my blush crush had come to an end and was ready to go for the icy mint suede, when lo and behold, I saw the blush! They were displayed in a crystal case spinning with lights flashing , showing them off in all their glory (that’s not what really happened, but in my mind that’s how it went down). The style runs a little bit bigger, so I recommend going down a half size, but I grabbed my regular 7.5 since that’s all they had, and just bought some insoles because nothing was going to come between us being together. I still can’t find them anywhere online in my size, but keep looking and checking back, don’t give up on them! Trust me, they are worth the wait.

Update: I’ve discovered that Little Burgundy has re-stocked them. You can grab them here. Hooray!

Until next time,