You know that feeling you get when you hear the words spring cleaning, and the subsequent dread that washes over your face as your mind starts thinking about the painful undertaking? Well it doesn’t have to be that way – you just have to change your perspective! This year I vow to start thinking of spring cleaning as a beautiful refresh. Yes, things will likely still have to be scrubbed and given a good deep clean (all in due time), but sometimes its good to start small, and an easy tidy and organize can make the world of a difference to your cluttered space.

Need some motivation to help you get organized for spring? A little shopping always seems to do the trick for me! Check out my picks below to help you turn that clutter into a beautiful display, and get you well on your way to gracing the pages as the next feature in Domino (shoot for the stars right!?).

1 – I am on the HUNT for a bar cart, and this copper one is simple and stunning. Target is such a gold mine! Anybody else extremely disappointed they failed in Canada? So sad.

2 – I like to use ceramic dishes to help me organize bracelets or jewellery. I love the black and white splatter print on these bowls.

3 – In home design, geometric shapes always catch my eye. With this, your files and mail will never look better.

4 – I like the idea of using wire baskets in the kitchen, or to organize items in your coat closet, but this one is just too pretty to hide away. I would probably show it off in a living room or bedroom as a place to keep extra pillows or blankets.

5 – This ladder is a brilliant way to get things off the floor, while also adding some height to a room. Use this in a bathroom to display towels, or a living room to show off magazines and blankets.

6 – This wall hook is the perfect way to welcome guests into your home, and the perfect place to hang your bag or jacket at the end of a long day.

7 – Lately I’ve been drawn to natural wood finishes. Wouldn’t these jars be perfect on a vanity to keep cotton pads and q-tips, or on a desk for paper clips and post-its?

8 – My love for copper still runs deep, but if you prefer having options, this basket also comes in gold and black. Place it beside your couch as the perfect way to display blankets or extra pillows.

9 – This metal magazine rack is a beautiful way to display the latest copy of Kinfolk, or could double as a stylish way to house your curling or flat iron.

10 – I’ve always wanted to repurpose an old suitcase as a coffee table or trunk, but haven’t found one I like until I stumbled upon these. I love the vintage vibe they give-off, but these ones still fit the aesthetic I like: minimal, clean lines, and of course…they’re black, white, and copper.

11 – You can never go wrong with classic black and white (I’m sure you’ve gathered that by now). These knobs would be a cute display at an entryway to hang jackets, hats, scarves…anything, really.

12 – Another basket, I know, I know. This one is a wee bit different though. The woven style is perfect for the patio, and makes it easy to bring linens and pillows in for the night. I also think this would be great as a unique way to display a plant – fit a plant pot inside, and voila, you have a whole new look!

13 – I love that this jewellery box has hidden compartments, as well as a stunning copper lid so you can display the pieces you’ve been loving lately.

14 – I always wonder what people keep in the boxes around their house, perhaps a key to a secret airport locker? Likely not, but hey I’m an imaginative person. I love the cement and natural wood of this one.

15 – Nate Berkus is a design genius who turns everything he touches into gold. The rope and fringe on this basket is beautiful, and would be the perfect addition to a bathroom with limited storage or shelving – don’t know where to put those extra towels? Problem. Solved.


That’s it! Any tips and tricks you rely on for spring cleaning or organizing your space? Let me know!

Until next time,