It’s been a slow crawl getting my workspace together (good things take time), but bit by bit, it’s coming along. I’ve always wanted an area to display new or favourite clothing pieces, but just haven’t had the space to do so, until now! I’ve had my eye on this clothes rack from Ferm for quite some time now, however, I do not have a cool $275 hanging around. So instead, I decided to attempt making my own version. You guys. I’m in love with the finished product. It’s simple, beautiful, and ready to go in 5 easy steps. All in, this took about 30 minutes to make and hang, and it only cost me $75! Crazy right!? Plus, if you already own some simple leather hand tools it would be even less. Some of you may have noticed this beauty made an appearance in my Everlane post, and now I’m sharing how you can have your own too! Instructions and photos of how you can make your own DIY hanging clothes rack are below, I hope you enjoy!

Here’s what you need:

  • 1 piece of dowel in your desired width and length
  • 2 leather strips in your desired width and length, I got mine from Tandy Leather (FYI they are so nice and helpful there)
  • leather punch
  • 4 double cap rivets, or snaps if you prefer
  • hammer or rubber mallet
  • scissors
  • a spare piece of wood for hammering, and fair warning, it will dent

Here’s what you do:


Select where you will likely be hanging the clothes rack. From the ceiling, measure the height at which you want the dowel to hang at, and loop the leather at that length.


With a pen, make a mark on the front of the strip (and don’t forget the back part that is folded over too!) for where you want the rivets to go. To make it easier to remove the dowel, I decided not to place them too close to the dowel, but the choice is yours. Lay the other leather strip beside the first one and copy where you marked the first strip.


Lay the leather on top of a spare piece of wood, centre the leather punch over the mark, and hammer it until it punches through the leather. Repeat until all marks have been punched through.


Loop the leather and push the rivets together through the holes, then gently tap with a hammer or mallet to secure. Here’s a tip: take a spare piece of leather and place it over the rivet while you hammer to protect the rivet head from denting.


Slide dowel through loops and display your new DIY hanging clothes rack for all to see!

That’s it – 5 simple steps and you’ve got yourself a beautiful new area to display your clothes. Comment below if you try this out, or tag me (@dear.courtney) in your finished product on Instagram, I’d love to see!

Until next time,