It is a known fact that I do not have a green thumb – just ask my parents. Awhile back they requested that I check on the house and water the plants while they were on vacation in New Zealand. Needless to say, they never asked again – I guess plants are supposed to be perky and green, which was the opposite state in which I left them. So what’s a girl to do? I love the idea of bringing the outdoors in when it comes to decorating a space. A home is a living space, so doesn’t it make sense to have living things in it too?

Enter this DIY. Homey Oh My is one of my favourite design blogs. Her minimalist style and easy to follow tutorials always keep me coming back. After seeing a post about simple and modern DIYs for the home, I was inspired to do a little project of my own. The best part is it uses eucalyptus branches, so it brings some green into your space without the upkeep and attention other plants require. Bonus, it not only looks gorgeous, but smells delicious too! Lately I’ve been loving copper accents, so I also decided to add that in. Step by step instructions and photos are below. Enjoy!

Here’s what you need:

  • 2 pieces of dowel, cut to your desired length
  • rope (I just picked up plain white from Home Depot)
  • copper wire
  • eucalyptus branches, however many or few you like

Here’s what you do:

STEP 1: Cut dowel to desired length, based on the wall space you have, and where you will be hanging the finished product. I used a small handsaw as I had one large piece of dowel that I worked with.

STEP 2: Drill holes in both dowels on both ends. The wood splintered a bit, so I sanded it down so it was smoother. Don’t get too picky though as the rope and knots will cover some of the wood. Side note, I also painted the ends of the dowels with a white acrylic paint. Feel free to add your own personal touch!

STEP 3: Starting at the bottom left corner, pull the rope through the holes (mimicking the shape of a house) until you reach the bottom right corner and have created a shape you like.

STEP 4: Cut the rope – make sure to leave a little extra room on the ends so you can tie a knot under the dowel at the bottom left and bottom right corners.

STEP 5: Cut five pieces of copper wire, each approximately 7-8 inches in length. Using an x-shaped pattern, wrap the copper wire around the dowel and either side of the rope at each point the rope passes through the dowel. This helps hold the rope in place so your beautiful work won’t collapse when you go to hang it up.

STEP 6: Trim eucalyptus branches if needed, arrange on bottom dowel, and wrap with copper wire to hold them in place.

STEP 7: Hang, step back, admire your work. Take a deep breath of fresh eucalyptus in and smile!

Let me know if you felt inspired and made your own eucalyptus hanger. I’d love to see everyone’s own unique versions!

Until next time,