Some of you may be familiar with Kit and Ace, and for those of you who aren’t, get ready for a new obsession. A fairly new kid on the retail block, this Canadian founded clothing retailer is spreading the wonder that is technical cashmere. Umm excuse me, what’s that you may be thinking. Well let me tell you my friends, it’s pretty magical. Click here to read how they’re able to make such magic happen. What makes the company unique, is they also go beyond the four walls of being a retail store. They truly value a connection with the creative community (creators, designers, entrepreneurs – people who are driven to make an impact on their environment.), and design with them in mind. In order to better the functionality aspect of the apparel, Kit and Ace will have fit sessions with individuals from the Creative Class to gain feedback about the designs, and how they hold up to their daily activities.

I was beyond excited when Kit and Ace contacted me to come in for one of these sessions. While I do have a relationship with the company (I helped open a holiday pop-up store last year), I couldn’t believe they were contacting me in a different way, through Dear Everything! Was I now considered part of the Creative Class!? I was, and still am, incredibly flattered. A change room was set up for me and was filled with a range of pieces from their Fall collection. The colours are spot on for the season – anchoring earth tones and neutrals, mixed with rich jewel tones. The designs are streamlined, making them great pieces to build an outfit around and fit in perfect with the lifestyle movement du jour, minimalism. See some of my favourites below!

Top | Skirt

I fell in love with this combo, and isn’t it the most perfect shade of navy? You could pair the skirt with an oversized sweater, layer the long sleeve under a velvet slip dress, or wear the two pieces together for a monochromatic look. Whatever you choose, it’s bound to be good.


These dress pants are amazing. The classic silhouette makes them office appropriate, the fabric allows them to move with you, and the copper zipper detailing elevates the style (they’ve also done this amazing thing and placed a piece of ribbon behind the zipper so it doesn’t dig into your skin!).

Dress | Sweater

Alright. You know that moment after a long day when you pull back the sheets, climb into bed, and let your body just sink into comfort. You get the same feels when you put on this sweater. The green skirt is actually a dress, so don’t think you can’t repurpose dresses from your summer wardrobe, because you can! I’ve already decided this is going to be my go-to look for transitioning into fall.

If you haven’t popped into the store yet, don’t hesitate. The space is beautiful, the team is friendly, and once you try on some cashmere, you won’t want to take it off.

Thank you so much Kit and Ace for an amazing and fun experience.

Until next time,