I, like I am sure many of you, go through phases where I try extra hard to be healthy. But being an inherent snacker, healthy eating proves to be quite tricky for me (tell me I am not alone). I am always on the hunt for healthy snacks to curb my cravings for all things sweet…okay, and savoury too – let’s be real, chips are the best snack around, am I right!? So when I came across this blog (from a fellow Canadian nonetheless! & how delicious do those peanut butter fudge puffed rice bars sound!?), and stumbled upon her chocolate coconut cups recipe, I could not wait to try them. They. Are. SO. Good. The sweetness comes from maple syrup, which, when replacing refined sugar in recipes with an identical amount of maple syrup, will cut the total sugar content by a third! Yes, maple syrup still contains sugar, but it is all about making healthier choices where we can. While I think the maple adds a nice depth of flavour, you could also try this recipe with honey as an alternative to sugar – cooking is all about playing around and finding what you like best.

After trying the recipe a few times, I’ve got my favourite version down pat. This makes the perfect amount of chocolate coating and you aren’t left with a ton of leftover filling. If you are looking for an easy way to make a healthier choice, while making it a little easier on yourself (since these taste so damn good), then check out the healthy chocolate coconut cups recipe, below! I hope this helps you stay on track for crushing whatever goals you have set out for yourself, keep it up!

PS – I meant it when I said I am always on the hunt for healthy snack recipes, so if you have any favourites please share in the comments!


Until next time,