Raise your hand if you have read numerous articles about “How to Clean out Your Closet” or “The 5 Pieces You Need for a Capsule Collection Wardrobe”? Me too sister. Yet I still seem to have those moments where I struggle to put together an outfit from my (overflowing) closet because…I have nothing to wear. Cry me a river, right? While the seemingly never-ending articles surrounding the topic of curating a pared-down wardrobe have given me inspiration, I still seem to fall into this loop of buying, cleaning out, selling or donating…aaaand repeat. Well, I think I have finally found a solution, or at least something that has given me the confidence that I too can join the movement du jour: minimalism.

Last month I ordered The Curated Closet, and let me tell you, this is the first book where the approach to building that oh-so-coveted capsule collection actually resonated with me. Rather than being a list of specific items you need to buy, this book acts as a step by step guide to help you define your own personal style, and build a wardrobe that is functional and personalized to your life, because let’s face it, everyone’s is a little bit different, and those cookie cutter must-have-pieces are not one size fits all. A unique aspect of this book is that it has mini assignments and writing prompts sprinkled throughout in order to help you take control of your look, like putting together a mood board (turns out I’ve had one all along on Pinterest, you can see mine HERE), and writing exercises where you break down the particulars of what you like, or what is lacking from your current wardrobe. The insane attention to detail in this book gives you a ton of information and exercises that actually help you fine tune your personal style and goals, before you spend another dollar on a piece that doesn’t really add value to your wardrobe.

Another thing I love about Anuschka Rees’ approach, is that she actually talks about how to shop better. After reading this book, I feel like I have become a pickier shopper, and we all should be! It is so easy to get caught up in the idea of quickly popping out to grab a $40 top for an event (that we are likely to wear a couple times, maybe), versus taking the time to find something of better quality and fit, for say $80, but it becomes a staple piece. Now I am not saying you can’t purchase items from stores like Zara, H&M, or Forever21 in order to streamline your wardrobe, I love a good deal like no other and you can find some gems from fast-fashion retailers, but let’s not allow our closets to become graveyards of misguided purchases. Take the time to really think about the pieces you are trying on: is it mixable with items you already own, does it fit well and is it comfortable (be honest with yourself), is buying the piece a good use of your budget or would a different item make a bigger impact? I can honestly say that I am making an effort to become a more conscious shopper, and it’s okay to realize that some items belong in the appreciate category, rather than the wear category.

If you struggle at all with building up a closet full of clothes that make you feel confident and inspired everyday, this is probably a good read for you. Minimalism isn’t an impossible thing, nor is it about getting rid of everything. It’s about owning items that add value to your life, and being mindful of the decisions you make – choose quality and function over excess. And remember, authenticity is always in fashion, so stick with what you like, not with what some top-trending list tells you you should like.

Are you feeling any frustrations with your wardrobe, or are you working on a closet detox?

Until next time,