I’m Courtney; I currently live in Calgary, I’m a cappuccino drinker by day, and wine sipper by night, I count down the days to Christmas all year long, my weakness is theatre popcorn, I still dream about being locked in a mall after hours with keys to all the stores (anyone else!?), and I’m a blogger. 

Dear Everything is an ongoing love letter about the things that spark joy in my life. If you love shopping (the mall is basically my second home), creating (craft time isn’t only for kindergarten), eating (food and me have an unbreakable bond), exploring (it’s good to feel small every once in awhile and gain new perspectives), and celebrating the simple joys of life, then you will feel right at home. Here you will find fashion ideas (using pieces that don’t break the bank), product reviews, recipes, adventure ideas, and DIYs.

I also want to use this space and say thank you for your curiosity, and wanting to know more about why I started this journey. This blog is my creative outlet, and a space for me to share my passions and adventures with those willing to come along for the ride. I used to spend my spare time with a million tabs open on my computer reading and gaining inspiration from other bloggers, and now I’ve created my own little tab! Being an introvert, this was challenging, but I chose to get over the fear of putting myself out there and decided that the risk of failure is far better than living with doubt – chase after what you want. My hope is to inspire you to be mindful of the sparks of joy in your own life, and hopefully something in these pages can be a small reminder. 

So that’s me! I’d love to hear from you, don’t be shy,

Say hello!